BASTF – How it all started!

I remember like it was yesterday – one cold day in October of last year sitting in Davinder’s office suffocated by the mass Manchester United memorabilia around me! In walked Davinder and like a devout pilgrim he visited his deities, Ryan Giggs and the Manchester United team of 99, before resuming normal behaviour! The frustration of my team’s poor performance in recent years was exacerbated within the confines of this “RED” office!

But this fierce rivalry was just light banter prior to our real reason for being in the office. Our desire and passion to see an Asian talent succeeding to the highest level of sport. We were in no doubt the talent was there, but why had no individual materialised on the scene?

What were the barriers? That evening, after much deliberation and support from our partners we saw the inception of our foundation. Over the coming weeks we put together a strategic plan, constantly requisitioning our motives, objectives and ultimately the goals the foundation hope to achieve.

Our mission to find a MISSION!

We spent countless days deliberating over the mission statement that would encapsulate everything the foundation stood for.

A sporting foundation aimed at providing a framework of excellence with the aid of tangible and psychological support, enabling talented young Asians to achieve their maximum potential in their chosen sport.

We strive to instil in the Asian Youth the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and a sense of teamwork so they may become strong, healthy and well adjusted members of the community.

Our ultimate goal is to produce sporting individuals who excel at the highest level of sport.

First Impressions!

“What’s my name and how do I look” – the arduous task of coming up with a name and logo that best reflects our foundation – we just hope you like what we’ve come up with.

After much anticipation the whistle blew and the game finally kicked off……

12th May 2013 

Prior to this date the BASTF team had been busy setting up the foundation’s framework, the board of trustees and networking with influential and inspirational individuals – important areas that would be pivotal to our success. So it was left to me to visit Davinder at his house, early Sunday morning, to finalise the information before publishing the website. A momentous occasion celebrated with a fine cup of chaa!! A proud moment for all those involved and a great start to providing the structural support for our talented Asian sporting youth.

Thank you all.

British Asian Sporting Talent Foundation website


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