LFC v ManU: Rivalries close to home this weekend!

Post - 01-09Anyone who knows the #BASTF team well, will know what a tight-nit group they are.  But for twice a year, for two league fixtures, co-founders Apinder and Davinder are very much on opposite sides. Put it this way, they don’t talk much if at all, why you ask?  Well both their teams go head to head this weekend, who will have the bragging rights until the Capital One cup meeting comes around?  Our co-founders have taken to the blog today to tell us why they think their team will win this blockbuster tomorrow.

Life long LFC fan – Apinder

“They have by far played the most attractive and attacking football, things are definitely on the up”. 

People will point to Liverpool’s extended (and battle-like) performance in the Capital One Cup v’s Notts County as a possible negative ahead of Sunday. What do I say to that? What a load of cobblers. I can’t believe for one minute the LFC players won’t be up for this game. These players are fit enough and the way they play their football, it will be ManU doing all the chasing anyway.

I expect another clean sheet for Liverpool in this blockbuster Premier League fixture, the majestic Coutinho will create havoc for the ManU defense, Sturridge will be explosive as ever, and for me will be this seasons top scorer.

I also expect Gerrard and Lucas to boss the midfield as always, even more so as ManU don’t actually have a midfield.

So it will be a triple wammy this weekend for LFC:

1. Beating their fierce rivals to the joy of the KOP
2. A bonus achievement over ex-Everton boss David Moyes
3. Celebrate Bill Shankly’s 100th birthday in style

My Prediction > 2 – 0 to the home side

“You will never walk alone”

Life long ManU fan – Davinder

Thank you for your kind rhetoric – words not wisely chosen and biased quotes that will soon become misquotes!
It’s a game of two halves
The first Relaxing with a cup of cha and a packet of oreos
The other half constantly nagging to change the channel!
Not an easy game against a Liverpool team that has claimed maximum points thus far. However, this is Man Utd, a team that produced an emphatic win against Swansea City, with Robin Van Persie and Danny Wellbeck continuing to produce goals worthy of the best of the season.
Wayne Rooney should retain his starting place after impressing on Monday, while Ashley Young could get the nod following his encouraging cameo.
Sturridge will no doubt pose a threat but i have the belief we are well equipped in our defensive line up to overcome any form of attack – Jones, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra continue to star in the Fantastic Four!
I think my learned friend has forgotten the name that most United fans revere – Carrick – the heart of our team and a descendant of a worthy line of world-class midfielders that played for us. Too good for the ageing Gerrard and the force is with Carrick against Lucas!
It’s a massive game filled with mutual respect, but at the same time a passionate hatred for their bitter rivals. I think We’llbeck Man U for the win and leave the Liverpool fans with the resonating chant of championne as they walk home alone in shame!
My prediction 2-1  to Man Utd
Happy 100th birthday Bill
But your team no longer has the will
It will be us cutting the cake
As your hopes are fake
Van Persie and Wellbeck will be there to score
Your fans will cry – please Moyes No more!!!!!
Whoever wins this coming weekend, one thing is for sure, it will be back to business on a Monday morning!

A Catch up with Baljit Rihal, BASTF Ambassador


In a “twitter-style” interview, BASTF Ambassador Baljit Rihal takes time-out to answer some questions, giving us an insight into what’s keeping him on his toes.

While people are jetting away this August on Summer holidays for a break, this is not the case for you.  How busy have you been?
Lots of projects going on. Primarily focusing on AFA preparations. Media interviews lined up – radio, tv, print..There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.
How are preparations coming along for the AFA2013 event?
All on schedule. Nominations are being looked at and a shortlist will be revealed soon. We are working hard to reach out to Asians In Football across the country.
How will this year’s event differ from last year?
Bigger venue. More sponsors and supporters. More professional clubs have taken an interest. The AFA team has expanded with the addition of a marketing and event management team. It will be a more professional and polished event. We will also have the Barclays Premiership trophy on display..(with a dash of entertainment thrown in too)..
You have organised tournaments around the country ahead of AFA2013, how have these been received?
It’s been a resounding success and far exceeding expectations for our first AFA Trophy. Over 200 teams competed at regional Goals Centres. There has been a good buzz about the event over the summer and we are glad we attracted a wide range of teams.
The AFA Trophy finals take place on 18th August, what are you hoping for from the day?
It’s one week away.. I just hope teams come along; compete and enjoy the occasion. BritAsia TV will be filming the event and some scouts will be present on the day to see if they can spot some unearthed talent. All are welcome to attend the event, it will be a chance to see some good football and also meet some great people.
Can you give us an insight into what 2014 holds for you and team post AFA2013? 
Where do I start? Projects include The Asian Cricket Awards, The British Asian 11, Star TV India, another Football development centre. I will also be developing my football agency to a higher level working with established agents. I will be heading another initiative to get the Asians In Football cause to a greater platform…

A Big Thanks to Baljit from the BASTF team.