Forget the Ryder Cup, here comes Lee Westwood Golf Final

There was excitement and nerves at the start of this year’s Ryder Cup 2014, and we are all hoping Europe can make it a hat-rick of victories this year.  But, here at BASTF, there is another reason to be excited about.  Through weeks of sheer hard work and competing, Isha Chhatwal qualified for the Lee Westwood Golf Final, which takes place on Monday 29th September in Newcastle.

We wish Isha all the best for the competition – and she has kindly given us a little insight into the build up, enjoy readers.

It’s been a really busy week with lots of homework, daily practice sessions with dad and fitness training. All in anticipation for the big day on Monday!

I spent the summer holidays competing on the Lee Westwood tour, taking part in several Opens around Kent and Sussex. The competition was tough and the courses even tougher but I managed to qualify in the u21 category.

I was ecstatic when I got the news but daunted by the fact I would now be facing a further 60 qualifiers from around the country in the national final.

I’ve been practicing on several areas of my game for about 1 ½ hours every day. Coupled with this has been cardio and core training at the gym to strengthen my back and overall balance.

I set off on Saturday to Newcastle – a 6 ½ hour car journey with my dad! The planes and trains were working out too expensive so we opted for the car – we’ve got a lot of excess luggage – my golf bag and trolley plus suitcases – so it makes sense to travel by car.

I’m not putting pressure on myself but I obviously want to do well – whatever happens the experience will be invaluable and I get to meet one of my golf heroes – Lee Westwood!

I’ll keep you posted on the journey and send some pics from Close House – so keep your fingers crossed for me – not for Monday but the car journey with my dad without a radio!!!


BASTF – How it all started!

I remember like it was yesterday – one cold day in October of last year sitting in Davinder’s office suffocated by the mass Manchester United memorabilia around me! In walked Davinder and like a devout pilgrim he visited his deities, Ryan Giggs and the Manchester United team of 99, before resuming normal behaviour! The frustration of my team’s poor performance in recent years was exacerbated within the confines of this “RED” office!

But this fierce rivalry was just light banter prior to our real reason for being in the office. Our desire and passion to see an Asian talent succeeding to the highest level of sport. We were in no doubt the talent was there, but why had no individual materialised on the scene? Continue reading