My Wife thinks I have Golfing turrets!

On Sunday 21st July the foundation delivered its first major event of the year, a Golf Day.  Mainly to raise money for a great charity, The Great Ormond Street Hospital, but to also raise awareness of Golf amongst the youth.  The event was a great success, with photo’s soon to be released on our Facebook page.  For now, get the “low down” of the day from one of the co-founders of BASTF and organisers of the event, Davinder Chhatwal.


GOLF GOLF Day GOLF GOLF Day GOLF day……….. it’s the only thing on my mind.

Having never organised something like this before we arrived on Sunday with nervous trepidation. Continue reading


Why So Few Asians in Top Level Sport

Today on our blog we are asking that age old question. There is no doubt we have a stream of talented young Asians playing sport across the country, however most have still not broken through to that very top level.



People in the Asian community generally see the disability before the ability

Manisha Tailor – Ambassador for BASTF

Continuing with the theme of ‘Disability Sport’, this month I spoke to someone, like me, who has a tremendous amount of passion for the beautiful game – football.  Rikin Shah is a 23 year old young man who suffers from a condition called Muscular Dystrophy. Despite his condition, he has been involved in football for many years as both a player and coach alike. Since 11 years of age he was involved in disability football, this is mainstream able bodied football just played by disabled people. Unfortunately, a few years later, his condition meant that he was unable to play.

But, his passion and love for the game, combined with great courage and mental strength, ensured that he continued his involvement.  At just 15 years old, he attained the Junior Sports Leadership Award.  For Rikin, this gave him fuel to move up the coaching ladder and is currently a UEFA B Licensed coach, which is a tremendous achievement! He is also a very keen Wheelchair Football player and is currently focusing on the playing aspect of the game. Continue reading